I - Investigations

1. Neurophysiology

Allen E. Waziri, Derek A. Taggard, Vincent C. Traynelis 3

2. Neuroradiology and Ultrasound

David G. Hughes, Roger Chisholm 23

3. Neuropathology

Cheng-Mei Shaw, Ellsworth C. Alvord, Jr. 39

II - Perioperative Care

4. Neuroanesthesia

Maryke Kraayenbrink, Gregory McAnulty 71

5. Neurosurgical Intensive Care

Tessa L. Whitton, Arthur M. Lam 85

III - Techniques

6. Neuroendoscopy

Jonathan Punt 107

7. Principles and Practice of Image-guided Neurosurgery

Kristian Aquilina, Philip Edwards, Anthony Strong 123

8. Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Andras A. Kemeny, Matthias W.R. Radatz, Jeremy Rowe 139

IV - Tumors

9. Low-grade Gliomas in Adults

Henry Marsh 155

10. Neurosurgical Management of High-grade Gliomas

Robert C. Rostomily, Alexander M. Spence, Daniel L. Silbergeld . . . . 167

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