11. Sellar and Parasellar Tumors

Richard J. Stacey, Michael P. Powell 187

12. Meningiomas

James J. Evans, Joung H. Lee, John Suh, Mladen Golubic 205

13. Intraventricular and Pineal Region Tumors

Sandeep Kunwar, G. Evren Keles , Mitchell S. Berger 235

14. Cerebello-pontine Angle Tumors

Peter C. Whitfield, David G. Hardy 247

15. Skull Base Tumors

16. Tumors: Cerebral Metastases and Lymphoma

Sepideh Amin-Hanjani, Griffith R. Harsh, IV 281

V - Vascular

17. Cerebral Blood Flow: Physiology and Measurement Techniques Jonathan A. Friedman, Vini G. Khurana, Robert E. Anderson,

Fredric B. Meyer 301

18. Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Joan P. Grieve, Neil D. Kitchen 315

19. Interventional Neuroradiology

Andrew G. Clifton 333

20. Arteriovenous Malformations

Stephen M. Russell, Peter D. Le Roux 349

VI - Trauma

21. Management of Severe Head Injury

Bizhan Aarabi, Rajesh Mehta, Howard M. Eisenberg 369

22. Spine Injuries

Dennis A. Velez, David W. Newell 379

23. Rehabilitation of Neurologically Injured Patients

W. S. Lal Gunasekera, June Bendall 407

VII - Hydrocephalus

24. Hydrocephalus and Shunts

Dominic Thompson 425

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