Acoustic neuromas are relatively common neoplasms of the CPA. Surgical approaches are well described, and the treatment outcomes, namely complete tumor removal with minimum mortality and morbidity, well established. Other tumors of the CPA are very rare. These tumors may have very complex relationships with cranial nerves, blood vessels and the skull base. Whilst surgery remains the mainstay in the treatment of all of these lesions, technical difficulties abound. Extended routes of access are frequently used to achieve maximal excision with minimal morbidity. Considerable experience at treating CPA acoustic neuromas is therefore highly desirable before embarking upon surgery for CPA rarities. Due to the large number of problems that these patients may present, a multi-faceted-team approach is advocated at all stages of treatment. In view of the rarity of these tumors, we strongly advocate a tertiary referral system to allow patients to benefit from the pooling of both experience and resources.

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