Conclusion and Future Directions

Significant improvement in the diagnosis and management of pediatric CNS tumors has occurred over the last several decades and the majority of children with CNS tumors will be long-term survivors. Nonetheless, improvements in prognosis and quality of life for many children with CNS tumors has been less dramatic than that seen for other childhood malignancies. This lack of progress probably has several causes. Although CNS tumors in childhood constitute the most common solid tumor as an aggregate, the multiple histologies involved make any single tumor type relatively infrequent. The need for enrolment of every eligible patient in co-operative group trials if at all possible is imperative, given the relative infre-quency of these tumors. The lack of understanding of the basic biology of these tumors has been hampered by inadequacies of tissue availability. As new molecular techniques have become available for further understanding the basic genetic abnormalities of CNS tumors, the necessity for obtaining tumor tissue from as many patients as possible for evaluation in ongoing biologic studies is critical. Care of children with CNS tumors is complex, requiring multimodality treatment, with experts in a range of medical and supportive areas. Improvement in outcome has been demonstrated in studies in which a dedicated pediatric neuro-oncology team is available to provide expertise in diagnosis, management and long-term follow-up care.

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