Computerized Tomography

CT is the first-line investigation for SAH. It has a high sensitivity, generally revealing diffuse blood of a symmetrical distribution around the basal cisterns, sylvian fissures and cortical sulci (Fig. 18.1). It detects acute SAH in 95% of patients within 48 hours and in 57% of cases at 5 days [9]. When asymmetrical or localized, the distribution of blood may suggest the location of the aneurysm in up to 70% of cases. Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) is characteristic of ruptured ACOM artery aneurysms; ICH is most commonly seen with PCOM artery and MCA aneurysms. Following diagnosis, CT is particularly useful for demonstrating ventricular size, cerebral ischemia or infarction, mid-line shift or re-bleed.

Fig. 18.1. CT scan demonstrating an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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