When the author introduced neuroen-doscopy into the Nottingham neurosurgical department, he was concerned to register both outcomes and complications, not only for the purposes of scientific inquiry, but also to enable accurate data to be available to inform discussions with patients and colleagues when reaching decisions in management. The resultant purpose-built database "ENDOSPREAD" contained, in anticipation, a list of possible complications plus space for any unique or unexpected ones (Table 6.6)!

There was therefore some concern that, until relatively recently, there was an apparent dearth of reports regarding complications, despite word-of-mouth anecdotes of such momentous events as basilar artery injuries either requiring formal surgical repair or having fatal outcomes. Even stranger was that reports were not appearing of those that were successfully repaired. Following a number of verbal communications at international meetings, at which it became clear that very major complications of NTV -principally of a vascular nature - were not being reported, the ice finally broke [27]. These papers, from an extremely experienced leader in the field, served to acknowledge and define the position. The author's distinction between significant and insignificant complications was a helpful one, in that it provided a matrix and a benchmark for further analysis. In 173 procedures over a 2-year period, there was an incidence of 22 intraoperative events (13%); 7% of the patients suffered a significant complication. Insignificant complications are those such as

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