Complete Sagittal Synostosis

In severe cases of anterior and posterior deformity, patients are positioned in a modified prone position. Surgical correction must involve the entire skull, correcting the scapho-cephaly, frontal bossing and occipital knob (Fig. 25.7a). This gives access to the entire skull. A near calveriectomy must be fashioned, removing bi-frontal, bi-occipital and two parietal flaps (Fig. 25.7b). The flaps are remodeled using radial osteotomies and replaced, creating a shorter and rounder skull. Barrel-stave osteotomies in the parieto-temporal region can also increase the skull width (Fig. 25.7c).

Other techniques are also available and commonly employed for patients presenting with scaphocephaly. Sagittal synostosis may also be addressed using an "I"-shaped calveriectomy. After the dura is separated from the overlying

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