Choroid Plexus Tumors

Neoplasms of the choroid plexus account for approximately 3% of brain tumors in children and are much more common during the first year of life. The majority of these tumors originate in the lateral ventricles (specifically the trigone), but they can occur in the fourth, and rarely the third, ventricle as well. Choroid plexus papillomas are slow-growing tumors and complete resection, possible in the majority of patients, is generally curative. The choroid plexus carcinoma is an anaplastic choroid plexus neoplasm and constitutes approximately 15% of choroid plexus neoplasms. This histology is much more invasive than the papilloma and has propensity for sub-arachnoid metastasis. Long-term survival following complete resection has been well documented but survival following incomplete resection, in spite of the use of either radiation, chemotherapy or both, is infrequent. The role of chemotherapy as an adjuvant therapy is unclear, although several series have documented the utility of chemotherapy in the incompletely resected choroid plexus carcinoma, in an attempt to

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