Choice of Rehabilitation Program

Most rehabilitation programs are individually tailored to suit the needs of the individual patient. Those with focal brain injury are likely to have less neurological impairment, with little or no cognitive involvement [4,19], and be able to follow instructions and carry out specific rehabilitation tasks without difficulty. Those with impaired communication skills such as speech and language disorders need a program tailored in such a way as to help overcome these difficulties. On the other hand, cognitive impairment, which tends to follow diffuse axonal damage, poses difficulties with faculties such as memory, where instructions are quickly forgotten. Such patients need intensive cognitive behavioural therapy concurrent with appropriate general rehabilitation. These patients would also have difficulty using ancillary aids such as electronic devices and orthoses and attention should be focused on their safety as well as the safety of others in the rehabilitation unit and in the community. In this context, patients with spinal injury with no cognitive impairment benefit most from use of ancillary devices to improve mobility and environmental control.

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