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Breast Cancer Survivors

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A multitude of cytotoxic and cytostatic chemotherapeutic regimens have been used for the treatment of HGGs and, with the exception of PCV therapy (procarbazine, CCNU & vincristine) for AO and AOA, the results have been disappointing. A complete review of the various chemotherapy protocols is beyond the scope of this chapter but a recent meta-analysis, which drew on data from 12 randomized trials of chemotherapy for adult HGGs, demonstrated an increase in 1-year survival from 40% to 46% and an overall 2-month increase in median survival [17]. An important exception is the demonstrated durable response and prolonged survival for AO and AOA associated with deletions of the 1p and 1p+19q chromosomes (see Fig. 10.3 and text above) [15].

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