Carotid Amytal Test

The carotid amytal test is used to assess hemispheric speech dominance and also to assess memory reserve and distribution. Although the standard test involves injection of sodium amytal into the internal carotid artery, a number of selective amytal tests have also been described. A good review of the use of the carotid amytal test has been written by Jones-Gottman and colleagues [10].

The intracarotid amytal test can also be used to demonstrate bilateral secondary synchrony, in which an epileptic focus in one hemisphere is thought to be driving activity in the other hemisphere. Some believe that the administration of barbiturates to the point of electrical silence on EEG will reveal the true spike focus. These tests are certainly useful in certain circumstances, such as in working up a patient with Landau-Kleffner syndrome for multiple sub-pial transection, but the large amounts of barbiturates administered require proper supervision and anesthetic assistance.

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