Benign Intracranial Skull Base Tumors

Schwannoma (Neurilemmoma) Clearly, the VIII cranial nerve is the most common site for this tumor. However, other cranial nerves may be affected.

Trigeminal Schwannoma These tumors account for 2% of intracranial schwannomata. They may originate in any section of the fifth cranial nerve, from the root to the distal extracranial branches; as a result, a variety of symptoms and signs may develop, depending on the direction and extent of tumor growth. Fifty percent of all intracranial trigem-inal schwannomata arise from the trigeminal ganglion and remain predominantly localized to the middle fossa. Patients typically present with pain/paraesthesia in a trigeminal distribution, which may spread from one to all three divisions, often followed by progressive sensory loss and, less commonly, by wasting of the muscles of mastication (most easily seen in temporalis).

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