Back pain 582-5 assessment 582 facet joint syndrome 583-4 lumbar disc disease 584-5 non-specific 583 Baclofen 578, 586 Bacterial meningitis 646-8 with cerebrospinal fluid leak 647-8 post-operative 647 Ballismus 608 Balloon compression 587 Balloon occlusion cerebral blood flow 308-10 intracranial aneurysms 334-6 complications 335 failure of test occlusion 335-6 indications 334-5 permanent occlusion 335 post-operative care 335 test occlusion 335 subarachnoid hemorrhage 324 Barbiturates 91 Barthel ADL index 419 Basal ganglia 608-10 Bathrocephaly 454, 455 Bayliss effect 307

Bell's cruciate paralysis syndrome 385

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