Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

supplements, although it does not appear to improve outcome in patients with symptomatic spasm. Fludrocortisone acetate can help volume depletion by reducing natriuresis and sodium loss.

SIADH involves the release of ADH, despite a low serum osmolality. It has an average onset at 8 days and lasts 3-9 days. Patients have a normal skin turgor and blood pressure, a normal or decreased hematocrit, hyponatremia with serum hyposmolality and a urine osmolal-ity greater than serum osmolality. Renal and adrenal functions are normal, as is urinary excretion of sodium. Hyponatremia of SIADH is generally associated with normovolemia from ADH-induced free water retention in the kidney.

Diabetes insipidus complicates 2% of SAHs. It results from a failure of the pituitary to release ADH, despite an adequate osmotic stimulus to brain. Urine becomes inappropriately dilute, leading to depleted intravascular volume. This should be managed aggressively with fluid replacement and vasopressin or DDAVP to prevent the onset of symptomatic vasospasm.

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