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All-natural Method For Removing Moles, Warts and Skin Tags

No matter how hopeless you think your skin problem might be we can help you! Inside youll learn. Why over-the-counter preparations and medical procedures such as freezing, burning, and laser therapy are not permanent solutions and have high recurrence rates. How many different types of moles and warts there really are, which ones can be potentially dangerous, and which ones should be removed/treated and how to do it naturally from home. About a unique formulation which works in as little as 3 days on all skin types and has a 60 year proven track record. And you'll also receive a Free, 5-part email report The Five Big Myths Of Removing Moles, Warts, and Skin Tags By Chris Gibson, to help you learn more about how to remove moles, warts, and skin tags safely for life without expensive surgery or the risk of scarring.

Allnatural Method For Removing Moles Warts and Skin Tags Summary

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Conditions with excessive numbers of warts

In most patients, immunosurveillance and innate immunity contain HPV infection. Excessive numbers of warts are seen in a variety of genetic and acquired conditions (Tab. 4), and may be associated with an increased local risk of cutaneous oncogenesis. Figure 2. 13 year-old boy with ataxia telangiectasia and extensive warts on the right elbow. Figure 2. 13 year-old boy with ataxia telangiectasia and extensive warts on the right elbow. from wart viruses. In fact, estimates on the incidence of warts in allograft recipients range from 17 to 87 46 . Furthermore, appearance of warts after transplantation is correlated with increased risk of skin cancer development 47 . The incidence of warts in HIV patients ranges from 3.3 to 11.2 . Wart infections in HIV tend to be difficult or impossible to eradicate and quicker to spread 48, 49 . Only a handful of genetic conditions are defined by the presence of viral warts, although viral warts may be seen in almost all immunodeficiencies, particularly...

Diagnosis of warts

Diagnosis of warts is made by the classic physical examination features, including absence of normal dermatoglyphics of the skin and presence of pinpoint areas of bleeding when the lesion is pared. These latter features distinguish warts from calluses. Because of the verrucous appearance microscopically, warts are often rough to the touch, distinguishing them from other viral skin conditions, such as molluscum. Furthermore, mollusca have central punctae 1, 3 .

Medical Values In Africa

Kokwaro (1993) notes that Viscum fischeri and V. tuberculatum have been used in Kenya as a poultice on the chest for pneumonia. The latter has also been used for liver troubles. Watt & Breyer-Brandwijk (1962) note minor uses in southern Africa by both African and European cultures. V. capense and V. rotundifolium have been used by Europeans to remove warts. The former species has also been used for bronchial problems and as an astringent, also as a blood coagulant. V. rotundifolium is used as a herbal tea, known as Teemohlware. It is believed to cure heart ailments and purify the blood (Oliver 1987). There is no doubt considerable scope for a more rigorous analysis of the putative values of Viscacae in Africa, where Loranthaceae are the more conspicuous group of mistletoes.

General Comments

The only significant human exposure to bismuth involves pharmaceutical uses. A number of trivalent and, rarely, pentavalent salts of bismuth have been used orally or intramuscularly over the past two centuries for the treatment of a number of conditions syphilis, malaria, hypertension, warts, stomatitis, upper respiratory tract infections, amebiasis, dyspepsia and diarrhea. Bismuth compounds have also been used as radiocontrast agents in diagnostic testing and as topical astringents having slight antiseptic action (1). With the introduction of more effective therapeutic agents, primarily antibiotics and antimicrobials, the internal use of certain trivalent bismuth salts (subnitrates, subcarbonates, subgallates, tartrates, subcitrates, and subsalicylates) is now limited primarily to oral preparations for the prevention and treatment of gastric and intestinal disorders, such as ulcers and diarrhea. Available as over-the-counter products, the (presumed) insoluble bismuth salts were long...

Salicylates European Pharmacopoeia 231

Salicylic acid and a number of related substances are used in therapy as nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs. Besides the acetyl ester (Figure 3.28.2) aspirin, 5-amino salicylic acid (Figure 3.28.3) could be mentioned. Salicylic acid is also used for its acidic properties in the treatment of warts because it is a relatively strong organic acid with a pKa of 3. At the present reference to salicylates is made in six monographs including salicylic acid itself and its sodium salt. Being a carboxylic acid, salicylic acid has a water solubility that depends strongly on solvent pH. This, and its well-defined melting point, forms the basis of test (b). In test (a) a strongly colored complex is formed with iron(III).

Sexually Transmissible Infections

External warts Patient may apply podofilox 0.5 solution or gel 2 times a day for 3 days, followed by 4 days of no therapy, for a total of up to 4 cycles, or imiquimod 5 cream at bedtime 3 times a week for up to 16 weeks. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen or cryoprobe, repeat every1-2 weeks or podophyllin, repeat weekly or TCA 80-90 , repeat weekly if necessary or surgical removal. Vaginal warts cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen, or TCA 80-90 , or podophyllin 10-25

[1 Isolation and Utilization of Epidermal Keratinocytes for Oncogene Research

Keratinocytes have been widely used as target cells for testing the activity of oncogenes in epithelial neoplasia. Many experimental studies have utilized cultured mouse skin keratinocytes, where in vitro results can be analyzed in the context of a substantial experience in carcinogen-induced mouse skin tumors.1 More recent experiments have employed keratinocytes derived from human skin, oral cavity, or cervix, where results can be directly extrapolated to cancers or warts originating in the corresponding epithelial6 Several laboratories have utilized hamster or rat keratinocytes7-10 in analyses of oncogenes.

Physical Exam Key Points 1 General features of exam

Anogenital exam should be done with child in multiple positions, including supine frog-leg, supine knee-chest, and prone knee-chest positions. Specific genital findings are uncommon. Erythema is a common nonspecific finding, often associated with hygiene problems. Warts, vesicular or ulcerative rashes, or purulent discharges raise concerns about STDs. Genital bruises, abrasions, and lacerations can be seen in sexual abuse or accidental injury. Hymenal lacerations or scars, or missing portions of the posterior hymeneal margin, are specific for penetrating trauma.

Sites for Virus isolation

Lesions and warts the perfuse spread of Ebola allows detection even in the skin. For respiratory infections, samples may include nasal and throat swabs as well as nasopharyngeal aspirates and bronchial lavage fluids. Urine and stool samples are collected for enteric disease, and cerebral spinal fluid is obtained when neurological symptoms are present. Viruses may be very labile, and care must be taken to avoid exposure to harsh treatments such as extreme pH, direct sunlight, and freezing temperatures in order to preserve the potential for identification and study. Generally, samples are transported on ice and evaluated in the lab as quickly as possible. If delays are expected, samples can be frozen, but the recovery of infectious virus may be reduced or eliminated.

Silver European Pharmacopoeia 231

The test identifies the substance to be examined as a salt of silver (Ag+). At the present silver is referenced in only one monograph, silver nitrate. This salt is sold in sticks, called Lapis or Lapis lunaris, and is used for the treatment of warts. Silver can exist both as silver(I) and silver(II), but since the latter is less stable, silver(I) dominates. It is a noble metal meaning that it is most stable in oxidation state 0, its metallic form. So, contrary to most metals, it does not have at tendency to be oxidized to its ionic form and thereby corrode. Silver nitrate and fluoride are soluble, while silver nitrate, acetate, and sulfate have limited solubility. All other salts are insoluble but are, however, capable of forming many soluble complexes. The insolubility of the chloride salt and its ability to form a soluble nitrate complex are useful in identification.

Immunosuppression And Cancer

Infection by HPV is well documented to increase after organ transplantation and the concomitant immunosuppression. The incidence of warts increases after transplantation, and at a later date, the incidence of squamous cell cancers of the skin also increases. Within these tumors can be found evidence of HPV of various types, often more than one type in each tumor.16

Host side effects of note

Diabetics with palmoplantar warts may experience greater injury or prolonged ulceration post treatment related to diabetic neuropathy. On the other side, diabetics with untreated plantar warts may develop ulcerations from the chronic pressure of the wart. While treatment should be given for all diabetics' warts, aggressive therapy is contraindicated in diabetics with neuropathic disease. In the pediatric age group, older adolescents with an infantile onset of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus are most at risk 44 . Table 4. Conditions associated with excessive numbers of warts Patients are often highly distressed by the appearance of their warts, particularly when they are on the dorsum of hands 45 . When patients are highly distressed by their warts, an underlying psychiatric condition should be considered, including obsessive compulsive disorder and body dysmor-phic condition. These diagnoses are rare in early childhood but become more common in the teenage years. Aggressive...

Demographics and epidemiology

Warts are a very common illness worldwide. In the United States, children are the most likely targets of the common wart viruses. Warts follow acne and atopic dermatitis in frequency of diagnosis in pediatric dermatology clinics 12, 13 . It is thought that 10-20 of children will at sometime be infected with warts 1, 3, 14 . The peak incidence of disease varies from study to study with some studies showing a peak age grouping of 8-9 years and others pointing to a peak age range between 12 and 18 year olds 1, 14-16 . The incidence of plantar warts has doubled from its incidence in 1968, which was then found in 1.8-2.9 of primary and secondary school children, to currently 4.5 16 . Females and males are equally affected by HPV infections. The leading sites of HPV infection are the extremities, face and body. Hand warts are often transferred to other cutaneous sites including the lips, nose, and face, via autoinoculation. Autoinoculation is generally the route of disease extension or...

Classification of Viruses

Examples of DNA viruses and the diseases that they produce include adenoviruses (colds, conjunctivitis) hepadnaviruses (hepatitis B) herpesviruses (cytomega-lovirus, chickenpox, shingles) papillomaviruses (warts) and poxviruses (smallpox). Pathogenic RNA viruses include arborviruses (tick-borne encephalitis, yellow fever) arenaviruses (Lassa fever, meningitis) or-thomyxoviruses (influenza) paramyxoviruses (measles, mumps) picornaviruses (polio, meningitis, colds) rhab-doviruses (rabies) rubella virus (German measles) and retroviruses (AIDS).

Diagnostic criteria

Fibrofolliculomas (FF), trichodiscomas (TD) and acrochordons are the classical skin lesions in BHD syndrome. The FF and TD lesions look the same and present as smooth dome-shaped, skin coloured papules up to 5mm in diameter over the face, neck and upper body with onset typically in the third or fourth decade of life. Skin lesions are initially subtle but remain indefinitely and become more obvious with increasing age as illustrated by Toro et al 1999 2631 . Acrochordons (skin tags) are not always present. Biopsy will usually demonstrate an epidermis with aberrant follicular structures, thin columns of epithelial cells and small immature sebo-cytes clustered within the epithelial cords. Alcian blue demonstrates the presence of abundant mucin within the stroma.

Assessing The Diagnostic Capability Of Ctu Preliminary Results

Aside from these reviews, a number of anecdotal reports have appeared in which the CTU appearance of several other benign urinary tract abnormalities has been noted, including caliectasis, calyceal diverticula, parapelvic cysts, ureteritis cystica, benign ureteral strictures, blood clots, fibroepithelial polyps, mucus, ureteral endometriomas, ureteropelvic junction obstructions, partial and complete duplications, ureteroceles, pelvic kidneys, and horseshoe kidneys (8,10,21-24).

Therapeutic Vaccines

Neutralizing antibodies are found in patients with both regressing and progressing lesions suggesting that these antibodies do not play a role in the regression process (81). Regression of low-grade CIN (Grade I) has been associated with the presence of neutralizing antibodies, but humoral immunodeficiency does not increase susceptibility to development of HPV lesions. In contrast, patients with altered CD4 T cell function, such as organ transplant patients (82) and patients with HIV (83-85), have an increased prevalence of HPV infection and more severe HPV-related disease. Preclinical studies with agents that suppress cellular immunity have reduced rates of papilloma regression and more aggressive disease. Furthermore, infiltrating CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells are often observed in spontaneously regressing HPV warts whereas T cells are rarely seen in non-regressing warts (86). These clinical observations provide evidence that cell-mediated

Anal Cancer

Anus Levator Muscle

Cancers of the anal canal are rare, accounting for approximately 1.5 of gastrointestinal tract malignancies. In the United States, there were an estimated 3400 new cases in 2000. In England, there were 245 new cases in men (1.0 100000) and 377 in women (1.5 100000) in 1997. It was originally thought that anal cancer was associated with chronic irritation from haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulae and inflammatory bowel disease. However, this is now known not to be so. The majority of anal cancers in both sexes are due to infection with human papilloma virus, particularly HPV1 6. There is an increased risk of anal cancer in men and women who practice anal receptive intercourse, who have had more than 10 sexual partners, or who have sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts, gonorrhoea, or Chlamydia trachomatis. Other aetiological risk factors are immunosuppression, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, and smoking. Women with anal cancer have a higher incidence of vulval,...


-39, are associated with more than 90 of cervical carcinomas.140,141 The cutaneous HPV types are involved in skin warts and in epidermodysplasia verruciformis (EV), a hereditary autosomal recessive disease associated with a state of immunodeficiency and characterized by a great number of skin warts, often disseminated and confluent. In up to half of the affected patients, the warts of EV progress to skin carci-nomas,140-143 usually in sun-exposed sites because of the effect of UV irradiation, a clear example of cooperation in human carcinogenesis between a physical agent and viral infection and genetic predisposition. The HPV types most commonly involved in skin warts and EV lesions are HPV-5, -8, -9, -12, -14, -20, -23, -38, -49, and -75, but the squamous cell carcinomas arising from EV lesions contain mostly HPV-5, -8, -20, -23, and -38.140-143 The role of HPV in human neoplasia involves complex mechanisms.140-144 Of great importance in the pathogenesis of both genital and cutaneous...

Host response

Summary of the categorizations of warts 1. Myrmecia (palmoplantar warts) 3. HPV-4 induced warts 4. Plane warts 5. Intermediate warts Same as plane warts, but at a slower pace due to depression of cell mediated immunity The protective skin barrier is a vital factor in preventing the HPV from accessing the basal layer of the skin. Skin diseases in which barrier is impaired (e.g., atopic dermatitis and Darier's disease) predispose to HPV infection. However, many of these conditions also feature abnormal cutaneous immunity and thus the skin barrier may not be the only factor influencing the risk of HPV infections. Innate immunity to warts is that aspect of the immune system that works actively against pathogens without prior exposure. These include nitric oxide production, mobilization of natural killer cells and neutrophils, the phagocytic response, and the local production of cytokines and chemokines. Acquired immunity is the adaptive aspect of the immune system. It can take...


Topical tretinoin (Retin-A, Renova, Avita), like iso-tretinoin, alters keratinization in the acroinfundibulum. In addition, it reverses certain premalignant and other histological changes associated with the photoaging changes that accompany chronic exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Topically applied tretinoin is indicated in comedogenic and papulopustular acne vulgaris, and its mild exfoliative effects make it sometimes useful in mol-luscum contagiosum, flat warts, and some ichthyotic disorders. It is often prescribed to lessen the clinical signs of photoaging (wrinkling and hyperpigmented macules).


Salicylic acid is a potent antiin-flammatory agent. Urea is highly hygroscopic, enhancing the ability of tissue to absorb and retain water. Keratolytics are especially useful for treatment of corns and calluses, warts, palmoplantar keratodermas, ich-thyoses, and psoriasis. When used in conjunction with topical steroids for treatment of psoriasis, keratolytics enhance the steroid's penetration. Urea may also be used for chemical avulsion of dystrophic nails.

Fibrous Hyperplasias

The majority of fibrous and fibroblastic lesions within the mouth appear to be reactive rather than neoplastic. They are the most common tumour-like swelling of oral mucosa. Although these lesions are considered to be a response to low-grade irritation, the source of such irritation may not be immediately apparent. Fibroepithelial polyps tend to form smooth nodules or swellings that may be soft or firm and are usually covered by normal, pink mucosa unless ulcerated. The polypoid swellings may be sessile or pedunculated.

Dorsal Finner

Physical description Length, 70-100 feet. Diameter, 9-15 feet. Smooth skin, with occasional scales or warts. Dull green to dark brown in color. Yellow, shading to lighter, on the underside. Froglike or alligator-shaped head, 15 feet long. Large green or red eyes. Jaw, 5 feet long, with 6-inch-long teeth. Round neck. One pair of frontal flippers. Large fin standing straight up on the back.

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