Solutions To Exercises Lesson

1. b An agent used to manage a skin condition characterized by a yellowish and greasy scaling of the scalp and/or mid-parts of the face and ears. (para 1-3a)

2. d These agents are used to damage the cornified layer of skin so that it will be sloughed off. (para 1-5b)

3. a An astringent for inflammatory skin conditions. (para 1-4c(1))

4. A Fostex® (para 1-5e(5)) C Retin A® (para 1-5e(4)) B Selsun® (para 1-3c(2)) E Capitrol® (para 1-3c(1))

5. c "You should not use this medication if your scalp is raw or blistered."

6. a "These tablets are not to be taken by mouth. Instead, make a solution as prescribed on the container label and use the prepared solution as a soak." (para 1-4c(1))

7. a A keratoplastic agent used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis. (para 1-5e(1))

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