Visualization of Luciferase Expression in Live Embryos 17 see Note

1. Embryos are placed in the individual wells of a modified 96-well round-bottom microtiter plate (see Note 26) over orthochromatic X-ray film.

2. Incubate embryos in 100 |L of embryo-rearing solution (a 1:1 mixture of tap water, pH 7.8, hardness 350 ppm, with deionized water, 25 |g/mL neomycin sulfate, 0.5 |g/mL methylene blue, 17.5 |g/mL sodium thiosulfate) containing 0.1-1.0 mg/mL luciferin.

3. Cover the plate with a lid and tape it over a piece of film (TMAT-G orthochro-matic X-ray film) (see Note 27) supported on a rigid piece of plastic.

4. The embryos are incubated in a light-tight box for 1-5 d, and the film is then developed.

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