Sectioning After In Situ Hybridization

2.7.1. Thick Sections

1. Gel-albumin consists of 0.5% (w/v) gelatin (Sigma), 30% (w/v) egg albumin (Sigma), and 20% (w/v) sucrose (Sigma) in PBS. Heat the gelatin to dissolve in PBS (this takes quite a long time), cool and add egg albumin (powder), and allow to dissolve. Then dissolve the sucrose, filter through gauze, and store frozen in aliquots of 50 mL. This material can be repeatedly frozen and thawed.

2.7.2. Thin Sections

1. Tetrahydronapthalene (Sigma). Use in a fume cupboard, since it is very toxic.

2. Wax (Paraplast; Sherwood Medical Co., St. Louis, MO).

4. Plastic embedding molds (e.g., Merck BDH or R.A. Lamb). 3. Methods

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