1. To generate between 100 and 200 viable eggs for microinjection, use 10 females (4- and 5-wk old).

2. Inject each rat intraperitoneally with 400 | L of 50 IU/mL FSH (20 IU/rat) at 0900 h.

3. Two days later, ip inject the same rat with 200 |L of 50 IU/mL hCG (10 IU/rat) at 1400 h. Immediately place each female with a male stud.

4. On the following morning, check each female for the presence of a copulatory plug. In rats, the plug has often fallen out by the morning. A vaginal smear should be taken from any animal in which it is not detected (see Subheading 12.) and the contents examined under 400x magnification for sperm.

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