Preparation of Slides

Microscope slides need to be washed and silanized prior to collection of sections. Alternatively, pretreated slides (e.g., Superfrost, Merck BDH) are now commercially available.

1. Place metal racks of 25 slides for 10 s each in 400 mL of 70% (v/v) ethanol, 10% (v/v) concentrated HCl, then in distilled water, and finally in 95% (v/v) ethanol.

2. Wrap in baking foil to keep free from dust, and place the slides at 150°C for 30 min.

3. Cool on bench wrapped in foil.

4. Place the rack of slides for 10 min each first in acetone containing 2% (v/v) TESPA, then in two changes of acetone, and finally in distilled water (not DEPC-treated). Do this step in the fume cupboard.

5. Dry at 37°C overnight wrapped in foil.

6. Slides are stored individually in racks (to avoid scratches) at room temperature for up to 3 mo.

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