It is not necessary to dechorionate the embryos for microinjection. Dechor-ionation is time-consuming and dechorionated embryos are much more fragile and susceptible to infection. If one has to work with dechorionated embryos for microinjection, 1.5% (w/v) agarose-coated dishes should be used to incubate embryos and prepare the injection chamber as follows:

1. Pour 15 mL of hot 1.5% agarose in embryo medium into a 85-mm Petri dish, and leave to set.

2. Add another 15 mL of the agarose solution to the solidified dish. Place the glass slide into the liquid agarose overlay at an angle such that a trough is created. Remove the slide after it is set, and flood the chamber with the embryo medium. Alternatively, store the injection chamber at 4°C for later use.

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