It is important to use a good-quality stereomicroscope with focussing eyepieces and provision for both epi-illumination and ira«s-illumination. Bear in mind that for much of the day, you will probably need to monopolize two microscopes, one for the grafting itself (epi-illumination) and one with the dish of tissue pieces for transfer (ira«s-illumination). A good light source (preferably a cold light source) is also essential, particularly to locate grafted pieces once you have transferred them into the egg. You will also need a comfortable chair of adjustable height and armrests, so that both forearms are supported while you dissect and do the transplantions. It is virtually impossible to accomplish these types of grafting experiments with quaking hands suspended over the egg. If you are not "sitting comfortably" at the microscope (for what may be many hours), then transplantation becomes a frustrating and ultimately fruitless business.

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