1. Microinjected eggs in microdrop culture.

3. 5-mm Sterile tissue-culture dishes.

4. Pseudopregnant recipient mouse or rat.

5. CRC (for rats) or Avertin (for mice) anesthetic.

6. Dissection instruments (as in vasectomies).

7. Artery clip (1.5 in available from Arnold Horwell).

8. Fiberoptic illumination (e.g., Nikon).

9. Surgical microscope with optional assistant's viewing head (e.g., Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany, OPM 212T with head and model 050).

10. Oviduct transfer pipets and mouthpiece (Subheading 7.3.2.).

11. Epinephrine: prepare 0.5% (W/V) epinephrine in 0.1 M HCl, and dilute to 0.1% (v/v) in PBS for a working solution.

12. Ampicillin (Binotal from Bayer).

13. Paraffin oil (Fluka cat. no. 76235).

14. 70% ethanol in squeeze bottle.

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