Egg Supply Storage and Incubation

It is best to use, within each lab, eggs from one flock or genetic strain kept by a particular supplier of free-range fertile eggs. See Subheading 4. for further remarks. See ref. 14 for typical incubation times leading to particular stages at 38.5°C. Eggs should be stored at 12-14°C between laying and incubation.

Population genetics and evolution theory dictate that the incidence of even single-base mismatches between any oligo-length sector of a given gene sequence as present in different flocks or even strains of chicken is extremely low for the great majority of genes. Even so, one feels comfortable if antisense experiments are directed against embryos of the same chicken flock from which the investigated gene was cloned, and if more than one independent isolate of the relevant gene sector was sequenced with complete concordance.

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