Cleaning Optical Components

Simple precautions will reduce the need for cleaning optical components within the microscope. Most obviously, dust covers should be used for all microscopes. Glass components should be handled with great care and should never be in contact with bare skin. When cleaning objective lenses, immersion oil can be drawn off by applying lens tissue to the edge of the front lens. It should only be necessary to apply very light, if any, pressure to the lens itself. If the lens is to be cleaned directly with lens tissue, then movements should always be outward from the center of the lens. It is important to use fresh lens tissue for every action. If a cleaning solvent is needed, then it is important to refer to the recommendations of the lens manufacturer: some solvents will dissolve the glue, which holds the front lens in place. Dry objectives should never be used with immersion fluid. Other coated glass components, such as fluores cence filters, should never be handled and should not be cleaned with lens tissue or solvents. Pressurized air in containers contains a solvent that may condense on surfaces that are held too close to the jet of air.

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