Cell Culture Media and Solutions

1. Because glutamine and LIF are unstable, DMEM+ that is kept at 4°C for a period exceeding 2 wk needs to be supplemented with a new aliquot of 100X glutamine stock and LIF.

2. The quality of the FCS is critical to the propagation and maintenance of ES cells. We recommend that several batches be tested for plating efficiency and toxicity from different suppliers for their ability to support growth of pluripotent ES cells, and that then a bulk order of the best (to last approx 1 yr) be purchased, and the bottles stored at -20°C for up to 2 yr.

3. LIF helps maintain ES cells in an undifferentiated state especially when they are growing on gelatinized plates in the absence of feeder cell layers. However, it should be noted that too high a concentration of LIF can be deleterious for the cells. We suggest using twice the lowest concentration in which the cells stay undifferentiated. For our cell line, R1 it is 1000 U/mL.

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