Animal Welfare

The conduct of scientific experiments involving animals is strictly regulated by most governments and institutions. Scientists must consult with the relevant regulatory bodies before commencing on any experiment involving genetic engineering and/or live animals. Apart from the legalities, the scientist must always abide by the basic principle that the animals under his or her care should not suffer any avoidable stress. Guidelines for such care are published by the National Institutes of Health (9).

The techniques using live animals detailed in this chapter are only a guide for the novice. All manipulations involving animals must be taught to a novice by a skilled and experienced operator. For the surgical procedures (vasectomy and oviduct transfer), it is advised that the inexperienced novice first practices on cadavers until confidence is gained to operate on live animals. If an animal at any point of the experiment appears to be suffering from undue stress, kill it immediately by decapitation or cervical dislocation.

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