Animal Stocks and Their Maintenance 31 Introduction

In order to generate and maintain transgenic animals, a scientist must have access to and be responsible for hundreds if not thousands of rodents. Thus, only those scientists working in institutions equipped with the necessary facilities are able to undertake transgenic experiments. Practically, a suitable animal facility should be able to provide:

1. Spacious caging and a regular change of clean, comfortable bedding for the animals: Cage-washing facilities should also be available.

2. A food and water supply.

3. Environmental control to regulate the lighting, ventilation, temperature, and humidity.

4. Access to veterinary care.

A variety of animals are necessary to produce a regular supply of fertilized one-celled eggs for microinjection. In addition, many more animals are produced in the process of generating and maintaining transgenic lines. The investigator and his or her staff must be prepared to devote much time to the maintenance and care of the animals if they wish to engage in transgenic experiments.

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