Two Molecules Of Dna Pair Up

Crossing over

Chromosome A

Crossing over

Copy 1 Gene 1 Gene 2 Copy 2

Crossing over -

Copy 1 Gene 1 Gene 2 Copy 2

Chromosome B

Unequal recombination

FIGURE 13.19 Mispairing of Direct Repeats Generates Deletions and Duplications

Direct repeats in a DNA molecule may undergo two fates. On the left, the two repeats in a single DNA molecule pair up and recombine. This yields two products; the original DNA molecule suffers a deletion of DNA between the two repeats and a separate circular molecule of DNA is released. On the right, a repeat on chromosome A pairs with another repeat on chromosome B. The result after recombination is a duplication on chromosome A and a deletion of the corresponding region from chromosome B.

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