Magnetic resonance imaging is now established as an invaluable imaging modality. Its marvellous contrast resolution has made it particularly useful for the evaluation of patients with cancer. This book has been compiled to provide clinical radiologists with a working knowledge and a comprehensive set of images of the various pelvic cancers.

There are introductory chapters on pelvic cancer staging, MRI technique and pelvic anatomy. Other chapters deal with cancer arising in the various locations within the pelvis. There is a short account of each disease and a set of images demonstrating the tumour, node and metastasis stages based on the most recent revision of the Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (UICC) and American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) Cancer Staging Manuals published in

2002. There are also images highlighting pitfalls in the MRI diagnosisand staging of each cancer as well as illustrations of recurrent diseaseand appearances following chemo-radiotherapy. The two final chapters discuss and illustrate imaging before exenterative surgery and theimaging of metastatic disease within the pelvis.

Our intention is that the book should be used as a bench reference for those radiologists reporting MRI of common and rarer cancers. Paul A Hulse Bernadette M Carrington Manchester, September 2003

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