Nanoshaving and Nanografting

Other than chemical modifications, SAMs can be locally removed with nanoscale precision by applying force between an AFM probe and a substrate in a technique known as nanoshaving. When nanoshaving is performed in a solution of other molecules, it is also possible to replace the molecules displaced from the surface with those in solution (nanografting) [77]. Nanopatterns of three proteins, BSA, lysozyme, and rabbit IgG, with feature size ranging from 40 x 40 to 200 x 250 nm2 were fabricated by nanoshaving and nanografting (Figure 15.3A) [180]. This technique was also used to pattern DNA-derivatized gold nanoparticles on gold surfaces with less than 100 nm lateral resolution [181]. A primary drawback of serial nanografting is its slow patterning speed. This problem can be partially resolved by meniscus force nanografting, in which a small drop of patterning solution is applied between a hydrophilic surface and

O Protein G

jjF Goat anti-rabbit IgG


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