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The data published between 1981 and 2001, as well as unpublished data from their laboratory and from others where the quality of the data could be verified on the basis of the method used. In its 2002 edition, the table contained nearly 1300 entries, representing over 750 different types of foods (Foster-Powell et al., 2002). This database is continuously updated and is available online on the following site http On this site, products can be located with the aid of a specific search engine. Furthermore, additional information on GI and GL can be found in several books written by Professor J. Brand-Miller on this subject.

What Have You Done for Me Recently

The patent literature also provides some insight into the future, since drugs will only be developed if their exclusivity can be protected. The patent literature on prodrugs has recently been reviewed (Stella, 2004). Although the search engine used was not comprehensive (Stella, 2004), the trends were notable. That is, there was an almost exponential increase in prodrug patents over the 10-year period. Many of these patents were described as being defensive patents. Just as in the past when terms such as and physiologically acceptable salts thereof began to be used to cover possible future novel salts from competitors, statements such as and prodrugs thereof have begun to appear. This was most prevalent in patents originating from Japan but has also begun to appear in patents from American-based multinationals (see Stella, 2004 for a more complete discussion of

Martin Ethier Daniel Figeys and Hlne Perreault

A -glycosylation of proteins is the predominant glycosylation in mammals and confers specific conformations, localization, and functions to proteins. High-throughput proteomics techniques have focused on the identification of proteins through amino acid sequence determination, with little attention paid to their post-translational modification, in particular, glycosylation. High-throughput mass spectrometric data often contain information about glycosylation, but this is systematically discarded by proteomic search engines. We have developed an algorithm, StrOligo (for STRucture of OLIGOsaccharides), capable of automated analysis of oligosaccharide composition and possible structures by mass spectrometry.

The Band 3 Network in Acanthocytosis

Fig. 3 The tyrosine-phosphorylation (P-Tyr) membrane protein pattern was evaluated in normal control and in ChAc erythrocytes. The membrane proteins were solubilized and separated by gel electrophoresis. The gels were then transferred to nitrocellulose membrane and subsequently blotted with anti-phosphotyrosine antibodies (WB-anti-PY). In order to identify the proteins showing a different tyrosine phosphorylation state, the corresponding bands in twin gels were excised and trypsinized before undergoing MALDI-TOF analysis. The bands identified to date are reported in the table (indicated in the figure by an arrow with a corresponding number). To identify the proteins we carried out a database search using the peptide maa volumes against the Swiss-Prot database (taxa human) using the Mascot search engine (Matrix Science Ltd, London, UK). A mass accuracy of 0.3 Da and a single missed cleavage allowed for each matching peptide, Here, we show one Western blot analysis and the corresponding...

Activation mapping

Once we have a probability distribution for the test statistic, we still have to decide what p value we wish to adopt as our threshold for activation. If we choose a small (conservative) p value (i.e. 0.00001), only those voxels that demonstrate a very powerful response will be identified as activated. There will be few false-positive or type 1 errors, i.e. almost all the voxels we identify as activated will truly be activated. But there will probably be a large number of false-negative or type 2 errors, i.e. many voxels that are truly activated will not be identified as such. Conversely, if we choose a large (lenient) p value (i.e. 0.01), there will be a larger number of false-positive errors but a smaller number of false-negative errors. The choice of p value should be informed by the search volume, or the number of voxels tested for significance. The larger the search volume, the smaller the p value will need to be for an acceptable degree of type 1 error control. A rule of thumb...


Information is the key to thwart terrorism and may be our best defense. Databases are required to have ready access to information. For a database to be effective, it must contain the appropriate data entry items, and the data must be retrievable. With proper planning, meaningful and useful databases can be developed. The database(s) criteria need to be defined, and SWGMGF is taking on this function as well. Criteria fields for information databases under consideration are multi-agency threat lists (virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, insects, toxins), recognizing synonyms, strain data and virulence, vaccine strains, DNA sequences (whole genomic and partial), bioengineering events, biomarkers, organism sources (laboratory, geographic, and natural), national experts and contact information, laboratory facilities, assays, scientific presentations, literature references and full text, research grants, characteristics (e.g., microscopic morphology, colony morphology), antibiotic resistance,...


In March 2001, the National Institutes of Health issued the following warning The number of Web sites offering health-related resources grows every day. Many sites provide valuable information, while others may have information that is unreliable or misleading. 1 Furthermore, because of the rapid increase in Internet-based information, many hours can be wasted searching, selecting, and printing. Since only the smallest fraction of information dealing with oral cancer is indexed in search engines, such as or others, a non-systematic approach to Internet research can be not only time consuming, but also incomplete. This book was created for medical professionals, students, and members of the general public who want to know as much as possible about oral cancer, using the most advanced research tools available and spending the least amount of time doing so.

Disco Discotech

By design, no conformational engine was implemented in DISCO, based on the assumption that at the time, no universal force fields and methods suitable for all types of compounds were available 53 . However, the commercial distributor Tripos provides access to 3D converters and conformational search engines such as Concord and Confort via the Sybyl interface. These algorithms will not be reviewed here as strictly seen they are not part of any pharmaco-phore identification program. The distance geometry approach has been used

Metered Dose Inhalers

Figure 2 Pulmonary technology patent filings per year related to either metered-dose or dry powder inhalers. (Data generated using Aurigin Inc. patent search engine. Numbers may be slight overestimates of total related patents, due to restriction in search terms.) Figure 2 Pulmonary technology patent filings per year related to either metered-dose or dry powder inhalers. (Data generated using Aurigin Inc. patent search engine. Numbers may be slight overestimates of total related patents, due to restriction in search terms.)

Chemindl Cheminfl

There are different ways to search the Web search engines, directories, links, or knowing the Web address of the information desired. Search engines use software that crawls the Web and records the text on every page. When you make a query, the search engine goes into the depths of the page to find relevant keywords. Generally, the more times a keyword appears on a page, the higher it ranks on a list of results. Selected search engines include fast search (, AltaVista (, google (, and Northern Light ( A directory is an organized selection of categories such as toxic, health, or chemistry. The content within those categories has been handpicked by humans. When you submit a query, it pulls up relevant sites from those in the library. Selected directory search sites include Yahoo (, Lycos (, and Looksmart ( Links are provided by academic institutions, professional...

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