Signal Transduction

The efficacy of antipsychotic drugs is mediated by neurotransmitter receptor targets linked to downstream cellular responses through an intricate network of signaling pathways. Receptor-linked heterotrimeric G-proteins play a particularly important role in this process, by stimulating effector molecules that activate or inhibit second messenger molecules. These responses in turn regulate key biological functions, including gene transcription, cell proliferation, differentiation, and development. G-proteins consist of three subunits (a, ¡3, and g), for which there are known to be 16Ga, 5Gb, and 12Gg human genes. Functionally important genetic variants have been identified throughout these genes, and growing evidence implicates their involvement in the etiology of depression and its treatment (88,89). However, the extent to which these mutations contribute to the treatment of psychiatric disorders remains to be fully determined.

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Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

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