Promoting the Cost Effective Use of Pharmacogenetic Medicines

Pharmacogenetics has the potential to significantly improve the effective use of medicines by prescribing more rational and evidence based. In particular, it offers a reduction in both genetically based ADRs and the use of drugs that are ineffective in specific patient groups. However, it must be recognized that while all parties involved in drug development and use have an interest in improving the safe use of medicines, the pharmaceutical industry has few commercial incentives to develop technology that will reduce its own sales. Issa (17) has suggested that "regulatory guidelines will need to be established to prevent companies from either 'trawling' for patents or avoiding offering genotyping that might limit their market for a particular drug." It will be left largely to health care providers and the public sector to carry out research on the efficacy of well-established prescription medicines in order to realize potential cost savings. The principle of justice requires public policy-makers and health care providers to investigate how they can fund clinical research on the application of pharmacogenetics to the prescription of the most widely used medicines. It will be particularly important to undertake careful evaluation and establish a strong evidence base, before expensive new pharmacogenetic tests are widely introduced into public health care systems so that tax payers are not asked to pay for inefficient or ineffective treatments.

Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

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