The current use of multiple protein assays in diagnosis, prognosis, efficacy, and toxicology suggests that these "markers" are discoverable through proteomics technologies. However, many of these assays performed on body fluids target proteins of abundances lower than is usually detectable in open system proteomics methods, such as 2D gels and the SELDI system. However, recent studies with these technologies demonstrate the potential of proteomics to examine the status of proteins in their naturally produced form and to discover changes relevant to pharmacoproteomics. As sensitivity is improved via protein chip, affinity, or more conventional separation technologies, it might be possible to identify relevant changes in low abundance proteins from a "blind" starting point. The construction of robust, quick, and cheap assays following the identification of protein markers has already been demonstrated in multiple settings, and so the challenge remains in the progression of technological developments that allow new protein discoveries.

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Dealing With Asthma Naturally

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