The Anxiety Lie Program Review

Does anxiety have an overwhelming pull in your life? Are you suffering from "anxiety disorder" then look no further. The Anxiety Lie is for you.
Anxiety involves feelings of worry, fear, and apprehension. Anxiety is typically experienced on cognitive, emotional, and physical levels. For instance, when feeling anxious a person may have negative or disturbing thoughts. On an emotional level, one may feel scared or out-of-control. It is also common to experience severe anxiety through somatic sensations, such as sweating, trembling, or shortness of breath.

About The Anxiety Lie
The Anxiety Lie is a program/manual in the form of an online eBook. The manual contains over 100 pages of lies that both you and other people have told you about your anxiety. Then, you’re provided with the truth about anxiety and how to overcome it. It’s a unique program that hasn’t really been seen anywhere before.

The Anxiety Lie was created by Rich Presta who is a renown self-improvement coach and is often hailed as being an expert on anxiety, panic disorders, and phobias. Rich is also a former sufferer of anxiety disorders. Since overcoming his own mental illness, Rich has created several successful online programs designed to help people heal and put an end to those terrible feelings. Rich Presta's products have been seen on Discovery channel, CNN, CNBC and others.

The Anxiety Lie Program was developed to teach you what you need to know about overcoming your anxiety and not just what you want to hear so you can finally learn to react and respond differently. It is similar to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the sense that you are recognizing negative thought patterns and trading in them in for more positive ones.

Benefits Of Using The Anxiety Lie
Overcoming your anxiety using The Anxiety Lie could mean more job opportunities, or even more success at your present job. Consider all the successful people in your workplace; you know those who seem to 'move up the ladder' faster than the rest. Are they well-connected and socially gifted? More often than not this will be the case. Being able to attend company cocktails in style, and perhaps even telling a few jokes to make your boss laugh, helps in adding to your image as a confident, well-liked, person which, in turn, earns you bonus points in your career.

Applying the systems in the anxiety lie can increase the number of friends that you have. It is true that many shy and nervous people have meaningful, lasting, long-term friends-you know, like the friend they met back in middle school-but they often lack the casual, sometimes more fun, acquaintances. While having a best friend you can confide in is essential for your mental health, having a few friends you can go out and have worry-free fun with is truly refreshing and has long-term benefits on your mood and disposition. It is a vicious cycle: the more friends you have, the more likable you feel-and that makes you happier.
The Anxiety Lie will also help to build your self-esteem. Shy people often suffer from low self-esteem because of the social isolation they feel and the anxiety that comes with attending social situations. This lack of self-esteem may even lead to a constant, low-grade, unhappiness with their current social situation. If this goes on for long enough, it could lead to depression-especially if the person that suffers from social anxiety is not blessed with a support network in his/her life. Because of the nature of shyness and social anxiety, people around you might make you feel like it is your fault; it is all in your hands; or that "you should just get out more." You end up feeling that there is something innately wrong with you. But with the help of this program you will overcome your shyness and you beat your anxiety, allowing you to enjoy yourself.

Nature of  Anxiety Lie
The program is in the form of a downloadable eBook it comes with several packages like:

  •  The Program Manual
  •  Audio Edition: This is the complete program manual, in audio form. It’s great for anyone who is too busy to sit down and read The Anxiety Lie. Just download the files onto your tablet or smartphone, and enjoy in the car, while walking the dog, grocery shopping – you name it.
  •  The Truth Revolution Audio: It is an interview with Dr. Scott Fenton, a psychologist who reveals the lies about anxiety that even health professionals have told you. Yes, true story. He then goes into the real truth about how to overcome anxiety.
  •  The Rescue Audio Session: This is great for moments when you’re feeling overwhelmed, extremely anxious or on the verge of having a panic attack. You’re basically walked through exactly what to do to stop the anxious thoughts and panic, which we loved because when you in that moment, the first thing you forget is what to do.

In all these packages you will learn:

  •  Why everything you know about anxiety could be dead wrong and making you worse every day.
  •  Why Rich thinks there's no such thing as a panic "attack".
  •  Pills and medication? You may not even need them anymore once you know the truth.
  •  You'll learn the truth about your scary and irrational thoughts that race through your head, and how you can quiet your mind once and for all.
  •  Rich will reveal exactly how he put a stop to his daily panic attacks - and kept them going. No magic, no New Age potions, no hypnosis or other "miracle cure" that we both know is crap. Just a simple understanding of the Anxiety Lie.
  •  You'll learn powerful techniques you won't find anywhere else, like "Ringing Your Doorbell", "Burning Your Boats", and "The Hatching Effect".

The Anxiety Lie is tough, at times it will be like a slap across the face, so if you're not ready for that, then this probably isn't for you. You're better off with one of the other books about anxiety and panic know, the ones with rainbows and unicorns.
But when applying the principles in this program the sky is your limit. Things like shyness, anxiety and panic attacks will be a thing of the past.
So order now and go beyond your limit.

The Anxiety Lie Program
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