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If there is one thing that women care so much about, it is their look. In fact, it is well-known that a well-endowed woman is a beautiful woman. Thus, most women today spend a lot of money on beauty products and cosmetic surgeries to look as beautiful and as appealing as possible. A well-endowed woman is a beautiful woman and a beautiful woman is every man's desire.

To get a plastic surgery like breast implant (augmentation), you will need to pay up to $5,000 if you find a cheap doctor. If you are looking at using high-end doctors with real quality work, it could cost you as much as $20,000. Of course, this comes with the risk of breast cancer, hormonal changes, and a whole lot of other risks. Fortunately, you don't have to put yourself through such risks to increase your breast size or look more beautiful. This can be achieved with certain herbs. In this new product released by one Sahar Perske, she claimed that an herb mixture given to her by her grandmother can help you to significantly increase your breast size. In this review, you will discover if Sahar Perske's "Bigger Breast Formula" is a scam or a legit product.

 What is Bigger Breast Formula?

Bigger Breast Formula is an ebook created by Sahar Perske. The author claimed that the formula in eBook can help any woman significantly boost her breast size without making use of surgery or pills.

Bigger Breast Formula has a number of herbs as well as workouts needed to give your breast immediate and lasting lift. You will also get a 2000-year old tea recipe and a number of foods that you need to eat daily to grow your breast from flat chest to voluptuous breast. When you get the eBook, you will learn of how to massively increase your breast size naturally.

Who Created Bigger Breast Formula?

Bigger Breast Formula was written by one Sahar Perske. The author is a happily married woman with four kids. According to Sahar, the threat of losing her marriage forced her to look for solutions to her flat chest. Like most women in America today, she was born with a small breast. However, she refused to get breast implant due to fear of breast cancer. One day, she visited her grandmother and learned of secret herbs that could help her increase her breast size. Her grandmother also gifted her a secret 2000-year old tea recipe. Within 3 months of trying her grandmother's herb, she was able to increase her breast size from 32A to 34C naturally.

How Does Bigger Breast Formula Works?

When you pay for Bigger Breast Formula, what you will actually get are 3 eBooks that will teach you how you can grow your breast size within 3 or 4 months. These eBooks contain various herbs you will need. You will be shown where to get these herbs. More importantly, you will learn how to mix them and how to apply them to get the best result within a very short period of time.

The guide will also show you different exercise/workouts that you need to go daily if you want to get a faster result. All these you will learn on your own when you get the product. According to the author of the product, getting voluptuous breasts naturally takes a lot of work and the right combination of herbs. In order to get bigger breasts, you will have to apply these steps below:

  • You must know your breast type and the right ingredients and cream to use on them.
  • You must learn the right massage routine to use on your breast for the perfect breast perkiness and lift
  • You must learn of foods that destroy breast growth and the ones that you will need to naturally increase the size massively
  • You must be able to develop the right nightly routines to increase your breast size and firmness while you are asleep
  • You must learn the right workouts to train your breast and also need to train your mind.

Just like expected, all these are revealed in her book. Perhaps, the biggest benefit is that you won't need pills or surgery. Her method is 100% natural and she promises it works faster.


  • 100% natural way to get a voluptuous breast
  • Method works very fast
  • You will learn of breast exercises and foods to grow your breast fast
  • You will learn of foods to avoid
  • Different ingredients for each type of breast
  • Natural and safe ingredients
  • Mind training to improve breast growth
  • Bigger breast enlargement results with absolutely no side effects
  • No surgery, no pills or medication needed.
  • The product is very affordable
  • 100% money back guaranteed
  • Live 24/7 support


  • No video training
  • You will need to buy the herbs
  • No verified testimonials yet

Final Words

There are tons of products online that promise to help you get bigger breast. Most of these products don't work. However, most of them are pills which means they have side effects. Sahar's Bigger Breast Formula is a completely 100% natural products. The formula you will get was derived from herbs. In fact, you will be told of herbs to buy and how to use them. This means there are no side effects. Moreover, the product comes with 24/7 live support as well as a 100% money back guarantee. Thus, you have nothing to lose. If you really want to grow voluptuous breast within a short period of time, you should give this product a try.

Bigger Breast Formula
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