Tissue Biodistribution Studies of 99mTcECagent

To ascertain the in vivo biodistribution of the conjugates, rodents are inoculated subcutaneously with cancer cells from various tumor cell lines as appropriate for the ligand. After the tumor reaches 8 to 10 mm, biodistribution studies using 99mTc-EC-agent (1-3 mCi/mouse, 10-20 mCi/rat, IV) is performed. The mice are divided into three groups, each group representing a time interval (0.5, 2, and 4 hours) and each containing three rodents. Following the administration of the radiotracers, the rodents are sacrificed and the selected tissues are excised, weighed, and counted for radioactivity. The biodistribution of tracer in each sample is calculated as percentage of the injected dose per gram of tissue wet weight (%ID/g). Tumor/ nontarget tissue count density ratios are calculated from the corresponding %ID/g values.

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