Markers of LHRH Receptor Targets

Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone receptors (GnRH and LHRH) are found in cancers of reproductive tissues, including those of the prostate, ovarian, and breast, and gonadotrophin-releasing hormone can inhibit growth of cell lines derived from such cancers. A radiolabeled LHRH ligand could be useful in diagnosing diseases that produce high levels of LHRH-receptors, such as ovarian cancer, endometriosis, uterine carcinoma, and prostate cancer.

Two prostate cancer cell lines (LNCap: androgen and PSA dependent; PC-3: androgen and PSA independent) were used to evaluate the specificity of 99mTc-EC-LHRH. In vitro cell culture assays indicated that there was more uptake in PC-3 cells (androgen independent) than LNCap cells (androgen dependent) (Fig. 20). Planar imaging studies showed that tumor (LHRH positive) could be imaged with 99mTc-EC-LHRH (Fig. 21).

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