Composition And Mechanism Of Action Of Ferumoxtran10

Ferumoxtran-10 is a reticulo-endothelial system-specific contrast agent consisting of ultra-small superparamagnetic iron oxide particles (USPIO) (13-17). Following intravenous administration, the lymphotropic nanoparticles enter the interstitial space and are transported via the lymphatics to draining lymph nodes (17). Benign, normally functioning lymph nodes contain macrophages. The ferumoxtran-10 particles are taken up by macrophages resulting in reduction in the signal intensity of nodal tissue due to the susceptibility effects of iron oxide particles. In malignant areas within lymph nodes, the macrophages are replaced by cancer cells and therefore there is lack of ferumoxtran-10 uptake in these areas resulting in an absence of signal intensity reduction (Fig. 1) (9).

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