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The Lost Ways

This complete ebook is the best way to survive if you are ever left without power. Would it not be better to spend just a bit of money in order to gain the ability to survive with you and your family if you are ever left without power for a long time? If a terrorist attack involved an EMP, you would be left without power for days or weeks. You can learn how to get back the lost ways or your forefathers and mothers, and learn how to survive totally without power and get back the survivalist skills that used to be a huge part of how we now survive in a world without power. This book comes to your from survivalist Claude Davis, and the skills that you will learn will save your life and give you the ability to survive as long as you need to in the wild and at home, no matter what the world outside is like. Read more here...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Claude Davis
Price: $37.00

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Highly Recommended

This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

The Lost Ways 2

Our evolution has made us what we are right now. We have amenities for everything. However, what we lack, or rather have lost, are the ways that our ancestors used to survive harsh calamities. They didn't rely on anyone but did everything themselves from harvesting to building houses, and everything in between. Some of the ancient civilizations created innovative ways that even pay off if they are followed. Three of them are the superfoods created out of simple ingredients. These foods contain nutrients that could keep you in vitals for longer than anticipated. They could prove to be your life saviors in times of peril and this is exactly what the book The Lost Ways 2 intend. A sequel to The Lost Ways 1, this book contains much more than just superfood recipes. It has instructions on building charcoal filters, kilns, log houses, medicine making, harvesting, hunting and using parts of your game as raw material to make necessary tools, and much more. Besides this, you can get two bonus reports. One on using 4 acres of land for self-sufficiency and the other one on getting prepared for an imminent EMP attack. Read more here...

The Lost Ways 2 Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: Claude Davis
Price: $37.00

Homesteading For Preppers

Dan F. Sullivan together with other successful homesteaders created this great guide called autopilot homestead. After years of prepping, he came to the conclusion that the only way to have a solid, steady food and water supply is to Homestead. He is popular for his website, survivalsullivan.com, where writers post regular, high quality articles on a variety of topics ranging from homesteading to prepping. He started to homestead when he was only six years old, so you can see that he has a lot of experience in him which he is willing to share in this great book. This product is digital that comes in e-book and PDFs. It comes with four bonuses. The first bonus is the Autopilot homestead action plan, to assist you put all the practices in the main course to practice. The second bonus is a collection of a dozen PDFs of daily, weekly, and monthly planning sheets for records. The third bonus is called 37 ways to boost your energy, due to the workload of the job, a homesteader needs to be energized. The last bonus is called the amazing house of remedies, to enable you treat the injuries sustained during the job. This guide is for all planning to homestead or those who have started already. You do not require any special skill to be able to homestead, just download this guide and follow the steps. Read more here...

Homesteading For Preppers Summary

Contents: Ebooks
Author: Dan Sullivan
Official Website: www.shtfhomestead.com
Price: $53.00

Cordering Cougar Sighting In Wa In 2016

A large, pumalike cat has been reported near Cordering, Western Australia, by many ranchers since 1977. It apparently could kill sheep with surgical precision. Many of them were not eaten, but those that were had their skins peeled back and the ribs stripped of all meat. Kangaroos were also found killed by puncture wounds to the head.

Your Role In The Environment

A new environmental field, called urban ecology, is the study of biodiversity in areas that are densely populated by humans. You can be an amateur urban ecologist by learning about your local environment. For example, try to identify five plants that are native to your area, determine their growing seasons, and learn which plants can be used for landscaping homes or businesses. Find out the names of local birds, how the birds survive, and whether any special laws protect them. Learn which crops and livestock are raised locally, and find out how farmers or ranchers obtain water. Identify endangered species in your area, and find out the reasons that they are endangered. Investigate where your garbage goes after it is collected, and learn whether your sanitation department supports recycling. If you want to study further and do more, find out if there are parks, organizations, or projects in your local area that need volunteers to help with conservation efforts.


Landholders also need to examine their current approaches to management. Although some wildlife ranchers are developing as 'centres of excellence', too many believe that they can maintain the 'gut instinct' approaches that have worked for the past 20 years. Changes in technology need to be evaluated for the management objectives of wildlife producers. Experimentation with creative approaches to wildlife, range management as well as innovative tourism products, is desperately needed not only for the future of private or resettlement wildlife producers but also for the state-managed sector where the capacity for innovation has stagnated.

Types Of Serum

A listing and the descriptions of commonly available sera is shown in Table 4.1. FBS is considered the serum of choice as it has the strongest growth-promoting capacity along with the lowest immunoglubulin (IgG) level. It takes between one and three bovine foetuses to yield a single litre of raw serum. In drought years, ranchers take larger numbers of cattle to market for slaughter to save on feed costs, therefore more material becomes available for processing. Conversely, as herds are expanded, fewer animals are brought to market and this translates into fewer blood collections and increased prices. For these reasons FBS is also the most expensive serum and subject to strong market forces. Other factors can affect worldwide supply and pricing, including large volume purchasing by major biological manufacturers protecting their raw material supply, and disease outbreaks, which can limit collections.

25 of Grandpas Top Tips

25 of Grandpas Top Tips

Everything from making a Camp Stove that you can Carry in Your Pocket and a Magical Fish Bait Formula to Get the Big Ones! through to How to Make an Emergency Clothes Brush.

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