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present information specific to the specified type of cancer. For example, if a user specifies "health information seeker" as their interest group and "colon and rectal cancer" as the type of cancer of interest, selecting the "Who is at Risk?" link will return a page with general information about cancer risk (for example, "Tobacco and Cancer") as well as a box that includes information on risk factors for colon and rectal cancer.

Interactive decision support tools. Cancer.org links to NexCura decision support tools, which are designed to be used by laypersons to help them work more effectively with clinicians to make better decisions, and to National Comprehensive Cancer Network5 treatment guidelines.

News. An "ACS News Center" box on the home page provides indexed news updates and inspirational stories.

Example. My father had cancer in his sixties and I am 35. What family history information should I collect before an appointment with my doctor?

• Follow the link to "Cancer Information Seekers"

• If "colon and rectal cancer has been specified in the users preferences, then a link to "What are the Risk Factors for Colon and Rectal Cancer?" will appear. Otherwise, the user can manually choose this type of cancer.

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