The Tumor Microenvironment

The metastasizing cancer cell is endowed with a constellation of properties that permits it to successfully translocate to secondary tumor sites. Among these properties is the ability to sustain uncontrolled primary growth.12 Such primary growth takes place by virtue of the cell's own genetic programming, but it also may be abetted by a permissive microenviron-ment.34-38 Microenvironmental biologic status may have a dramatic effect on the capability of the tumor to expand and ultimately metastasize. For example, the microenvironment provides a rich source of tumor growth stimulatory molecules. Microenvironmental expression of these factors permits primary tumor expansion and induces tumor metastasis.39-42 Other microenvironmental influences are important with regard to tumor growth and metastasis as well. For example, the immunologic status of the microenvironment mirrors the immunologic integrity of the organism as a whole, and this integrity exerts a dramatic influence on tumor growth.43 Immunodeficient states are associated with increases in the incidence of cancer,44,45 and ultraviolet irradiation-induced compromise of immune function results in increased malignant growth.46-49 Conversely, there has been demonstrated an inverse relationship between the occurrence of cancer and metastasis and activation of microenvironmental immunity.50-53

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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