Systemic Radiation Therapy

Targeted radiation therapy combines principles of systemic and local therapy. Advantages of these approaches are to treat disease in multiple locations and to target microscopic sub-clinical disease. The rate of the uptake and retention of radioactivity to kill tumor cells relative to that of the normal tissues determines the efficiency of this treatment approach.

Systemic radiation therapy can be categorized into two forms: radioimmunotherapy and systemic unsealed radiation therapy.49,50 Radioimmunotherapy uses antibodies, antibody fragments, or compounds as carriers to guide radiation to the target(s). The systemic unsealed radiation therapy can be administered by intravenous, oral, intratumoral, peritoneal, or intrathecal routes. These approaches are intended to concentrate the radioactivity into the target(s) and to deliver a therapeutic radiation dose. The applications of radioim-munotherapy are currently under way to treat lymphomas, leukemias, and some solid tumors with 131I, 90Y, 153Lu, 186Re, and several alpha-emitting radionuclides.49 Other forms of systemic radiation therapy often use electron-emitting radioactive material. The most typical treatments using 131I, 89Sr, 32P, and 153Sm are for hyperthyroidism, differentiated thyroid cancer, painful skeletal metastases, polycythemia vera, malignant cysts, and neuroendocrine tumors.50 These treatments are usually well tolerated without causing long-term effects, such as cancer or infertility. Several ongoing and new initiatives to explore the use of targeted therapy to be used as conditioning regimens for bone marrow transplant instead of nonspecific total-body irradiation show strong potential for reducing the side effects associated with the transplant process.51

Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy Guide

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