FDG-PET provides an excellent tool in the initial staging of lymphomas, in restaging lymphoma after initial treatment, in predicting response during and at the end of therapy, and during follow-up for diagnosis of recurrence.

A pretreatment FDG-PET study is essential for accurate assessment of residual masses and early monitoring of response to the treatment. A baseline PET will help detect

TABLE 33.15. Recent literature of PET findings in recurrence of lymphoma.


Authors Year No. of patients PET CT PET CT PET CT PET CT PET CT

Freudenberg et al.351 2004 27 86 78 100 54 100 65 87 70 93 67

Guay et al.350 2003 48 79 — 97 — 92 — 92 — 92 56

Filmont et al.342 2003 78 87 94 80 56 95 72 83 67 90 71

relapse or residual disease, because relapse occurs most often in the region of previous disease.352

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