New PET Tracers for Clinical

18F-Fluoride has a mechanism of uptake similar to that for other bone imaging radiopharmaceuticals, but because of the better spatial resolution and routine acquisition of tomo-graphic images, 18F-fluoride PET imaging offers potential advantages over conventional bone scintigraphy for detecting metastases. Schirrmeister et al.299 demonstrated that twice as many benign and malignant lesions were detected with 18F-fluoride PET compared to planar scintigraphy.

Higashi et al.300 demonstrated that the in vitro uptake of 11C-thymidine or 18F-fluorothymidine correlates with the tumor proliferation rate and that these radiopharmaceuticals are assessing the rate of DNA synthesis. Dittman et al.301 compared FDG with FLT uptake and showed that FLT-PET accurately visualized thoracic tumors and cerebral metastases, but that high physiologic uptake in the liver and bone marrow prevents detection of metastases in these locations.

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