Metabolic Therapies Gerson and Gonzalez

Metabolic therapies are based on the belief that cancer is a symptom of the accumulation of toxins. The aim of treatment is therefore "detoxification" using coffee enemas or high colonics, special diets, raw juices, enzymes, and supplements. A retrospective study of melanoma patients treated by Gerson therapy, conducted by physicians working at the clinic where study patients were treated, concluded that 5-year survival of patients receiving Gerson therapy was higher than reported in large cohort studies.27 This analysis was flawed by the use of unadjusted comparisons to nonrandomized controls and the exclusion of 40% of the Gerson therapy patients from analysis. In response to detailed criticisms, the authors accepted that a nonrandomized study such as the one published did not provide strong evidence of a treatment effect.28 A more promising result has been reported from a cohort study of 11 pancreatic cancer patients treated by Nicholas Gonzalez using a metabolic regimen. Gonzalez reported 81% survival at 1 year and 45% survival at 2 years and claimed such results were far superior to national averages.29 The study was small and obviously prone to several biases: not only is the comparison to national average unadjusted for confounders, but the principal results are based on patient selection; 12 patients who did not comply with treatment were excluded from analysis. Nonetheless, the generally positive results reported by Gonzalez were sufficient to prompt an NIH-funded Phase III trial, which remains under way.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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