Intraoperative MRI Techniques

Intraoperative MR devices, either with an upright double doughnut configuration or that require the patient to be moved to a magnet adjacent to the operating suite, have been developed to avoid potential image misregistration. Intraoperative MR techniques enable continual, near real-time visual feedback during the procedure.3 In one study evaluating 38 patients with high-grade gliomas, intraoperative MR imaging significantly increased the rate of complete tumor removal.72 Other uses for intraoperative MR, besides guidance to the site of an abnormality, include minimization of the size of the craniotomy, identification of adjacent structures, thus maximizing preservation of normal tissue, determination of the completeness of tumor resection, and surveillance for intraoperative complications.73,74-76

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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