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Factorial, partially DBRCT in patients with prior adenoma

Low fat intake (<25% of total calories) vs. wheat bran (25g/day) vs. beta-carotene (20mg/day): 7-arm factorial trial x 24-48 months

Adenoma incidence/ recurrence: no overall effect; reduction in large (£1 cm) adenomas with combination of wheat bran + low-fat diet*



DBRCT in patients 40-80 years old with prior adenoma (>3mm)

Wheat bran fiber 2 g/day vs. 13.5g/day x 36 months

Adenoma number: 1% reduction (NS); persons with adenomas: 12% reduction (NS)



Partially blinded RCT in patients 35 years or older with prior adenoma

Low fat (£20% of total calories), fiber (18g/1,000kcal), fruits and vegetables (5-8 servings/day) vs. typical U.S. diet x 48 months

Adenoma incidence/ recurrence: no effect (RR =1.00)


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