I would like to dedicate this book to all of our cancer patients. They are the ones who have taught us about living, coping, and how to be better physicians. AEC

Producing a new textbook is a little like designing a clinical protocol by committee: we had specific aims, with some proposed methods, and we got a pretty good result. I appreciate the team work of my co-editors, and especially the contributions of my colleagues who helped to launch survivorship as a recognized component of an oncology text. PAG

To I. Craig Henderson, M.D., who first taught me the importance of scientifically-based clinical evidence for decision-making, and to my wife, Jane, who has provided so much so that I can pursue my whim: academic medicine. DFH

Dedicated to my wife Susan and children for their unending support; also dedicated to my oncology mentors Sam Hellman, George Canellos and Eli Glatstein. TJK

To my family, Helen, Ally, and Eric, who always put up with my tendency to get overextended, but always have time to make me feel loved HIP

To my parents, my husband George, and my children Quintin, Craig, and Lindsey, all of whom have been incredibly supportive over the years JHS

To my wife Jane and my children Ben, Rebecca, Sarah, and Harry

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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